For over twenty years, CPS Best├╝ckungsautomation GmbH has been a trusted partner in the placement automation industry.

With our company headquarters in Neuwied am Rhein, we are located in the geographical centre of Europe and provide services worldwide to satisfied customers. Our customers appreciate our reliability as a partner in both technical consulting and ongoing supervision, such as those offered in our service departments.

The close contact we have with our customers has allowed us over the years to expand our services to better fit the needs of the market. We do not consider our daily tasks to consist of merely buying and selling machines and spare parts for automated circuit board placement, but beyond that, we feel it is essential to optimise the modern investment management and reduce the amount of capital committed in equipment.

At CPS, the sectors machines, parts and services are linked in equal measure, ranging from professional consultation, to individualised financing and professional training in software and machines. At CPS, our customers receive all around consultation, service and supervision from our professional team.